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In 2009 The Doghouse first poked it's head out of its kennel and has been causing chaos ever since.

Originally broadcast on BIKERfm, the show was the first of its kind in that not only was it a solid two hour show dedicated purely to Psychobilly but it quickly attracted a dedicated bunch of lunatics that tuned in every week - The Doghouse Crew. This bunch of reprobates propelled the show along with their participation via the Facebook group wall, and often turned the internet on a Sunday night into a riot of insane tomfoolery involving some incredibly suspect cardboard headwear !


For various reasons the show left BIKERfm and spent a few months wandering about in cyberspace looking for a new home. A few were brave enough to offer me a spot on their station but in the end I just didn't feel like I had the control (or lack of it !) that I really .... the show went off the air while I tried to find a solution.


While the show was off-air the Facebook group was kept alive by a dedicated bunch of nutters who really should have found somethng better to do with their time but, eventually the show returned !


The show is now running entirely under my supervision (or lack of it !) and so I now have complete control (or lack of it !) and can finally present a solid, professional two hour Psychobilly feast ..... who am I kidding ??!! The Doghouse has been and always will be a complete shambles but I like it that way and so, it seems do the Crew so I see no reason to change it !


In 2019 our roster of DJ's expanded ! We now have some of the very best Psycho Dj's out there running riot on the airwaves.

If you are brave enough to sample The Doghouse just get back here on Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday or Friday evenings, Sunday mornings and Sunday evening and check out the 'Live Show' link above but don't say you weren't warned !


IIf you want to get in touch, just use the 'Contact' link and I am always on the lookout for new stuff from new (or old) Psycho bands - just drop me a line and we'll get it played on the show.


Cheers for taking the time to read my inane drivel. Are you ready Crew? ....... Let's do it !!